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Karnataka Travel Trip Planner: Karnataka the lofty state is bounded by Maharashtra and Goa states in the North and North East; by the Arabian sea in the West; by Kerala and Tamilnadu states in the south and by the states of Andhra Pradesh in the East.

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Karnataka Travel Trip Planner

Karnataka Travel HolidaysSpice, sandal, silk and scenery merge to present a state enmeshed in a glorious blend of the old and new- Karnataka , formerly known as Mysore. Home to 48.6 million people, it has been able to preserve its past heritage and embrace the vision of the future with equal elan. Set against the Arabian Sea with the Deccan plateau in the background, the state consists of a narrow coastal strip backed by the monsoon drenched Western Ghats and a drier, cooler interior plateau that turns arid in the far north.
Bangalore, the capital city is a thriving metropolis dotted with lush gardens, beautiful flowered lined avenues and stately buildings. The atmosphere is more Western than traditional Indian. Pubs, beer bars, discos are the major happening places in the town. Dubbed the 'Silicon Valley of India' it is a major industrial and commercial center well known for its scientific and research institutions. Karnataka has some of the most magnificent monuments, temples, palaces, beaches in India. The Bull Temple at Bangalore, the Hoyselaswera temple at Halebid and the famous Krishna temple at Udupi are some the major tourist attractions. Tipu's Summer Palace is a beautiful cool retreat of wood and soaring arches.A visit to the Chamundi Temple atop a hill overlooking Mysore and the monolithic,black, Nandi Bull halfway up is a must.

The people are fun-loving, the pace of life is brisk and it is one of India's most progressive and liberal states as far as attitudes go.

The major festivals include Dussehra when palaces are illuminated and processions of bedecked elephants accompany the image of the goddess Chamundeshwari through the streets.The Vijaynagar festival held in June is the celebration of the glory of the Vijaynagar Empire. The Karga festival at Bangalore is held in April where eminent dancers and musicians perform at festivals held at Pattadakal and Bijapur. The state witnesses a hot, tropical climate during the summers and the winters are generally cold.

The best time to plan a visit to Karnataka is between September and February when the weather is mild, pleasant and cheerful.

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Coorg Holiday VacationsMonuments in Karnataka
Bustling with life, the cities of Karnataka represent a strange mix of modernism and antiquity. While on one hand Bangalore, better known as the Silicon Valley of India is the hub of world famous software giants, on the other hand is Coorg, which is inhabited by tribals. But underneath the regional diversity, lies the true beauty of the state.

Temples in Karnataka
Temples, symbolizing the religious fervour of the people of Karnataka are strewn all over the place. Living examples of the Hoysala architecture, the temples speak of the glory of the ruling dynasty.

Wildlife in Karnataka
Bustling with life, the cities of Karnataka represent a strange mix of modernism and antiquity. While on one hand Bangalore, better known as the Silicon Valley of India is the hub of world famous software giants, on the other hand is Coorg, which is inhabited by tribals. But underneath the regional diversity, lies the true beauty of the state.

Beaches in Karnataka
Malpe Beach
About 6 kms from Udupi is Malpe, an ideal picnic spot with its virgin beach. The endless stretch of golden sand, graciously swaying palm trees, the clear blue sky and the gurgle of the sea all set the perfect mood for an unforgettable holiday here...

Maravanthe Beach
A drive up north along the coastal road to Maravanthe, 50 kms from Udupi, is the sandy Maravanthe beach. The endless stretch of golden sand, swaying palm trees, clear blue sky and the gush of the sea attracts a large number of tourists to this spot...

Murudeshwar Beach
Situated between Honnavar and Bhatkal, 1 km off the National Highway is the scenic holy place of Murudeshwar.

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Tamilnadu Travel Trip Planner

Brihadeshwar Temple, Tamil Nadu Travel PackagesTamilnadu, the heart of the Dravidian culture and tradition, has for time immemorial, been a pioneer of peace and knowledge, and the visual legacy of the culture of the state, is among the most satisfying spectacles in India. Sharing boundaries with the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Kerala, Tamilnadu has an unbroken coast line, edging the Bay of Bengal. Densely forested uplands which abound in wildlife, intensively cultivated farmlands interspersed with rocky wastes, mountain chains of the Western Ghats, which give way to fertile coastal plains and plateaus form the geographical features of Tamilnadu.

Tamilnadu is a tourist paradise. A glorious culture. A rich tapestry of history . A nature's paradise of blue beaches and clear skies..... a modern state. To get a full view of this enchanting state, you are most welcome to Tamilnadu any time. You can revel on the Marina beach or go cruising in the theme parks or let your mind rest in peace in the midst of magnificent-temples.

You may walk through the living traditions and relive the timeless past. Holidaying in Tamilnadu will cool your feelings and carry home happy memories. Come to this land to enjoy the splendour.

Gift of Mother Nature
Although Tamilnadu is one of the most urbanized states of India, it is still a rural land; agriculture is the mainstay of life for about three-quarters of the rural population. The major food crops include rice, maize, Jowar, Bajra, Ragi, and pulses. The cash crops include cotton, sugarcane, oilseeds, coffee, tea rubber, and chillies.

Mechanical endeavour
The principal industries are; cotton textiles, chemicals, fertilizers, paper and paper products, printing and allied industries, diesel engines, automobiles and parts, cement, sugar, iron and steel, and railway wagon and coaches. The state is the biggest textiles producer in India and an important exporter of leather and leather products, cotton piece goods, tea, coffee, spices, tobacco, etc.

Cultural Benedictions
Tamilians are inculcated with the virtue to appreciate culture, from a very young age, and have a deep interest in music, dance and literature. Classical dancing in the form of Bharatanatyam, has its origin in the temples of the South East, and continues to be followed with a lot of fervour and dedication in Tamilnadu. Carnatic music is another art form, that has evolved over the ages, producing artists of great repute. Festivals are a daily feature in this region. Navaratri or Dussehra (September/October), Diwali (October/ November), Karthika (November/December) and Pongal (January) are the major occasions, celebrated with great enthusiasm. A unique festival of Carnatic music, the Thyagaraja festival, is celebrated annually in January at Thiruvariyar, the birth place of famous singer poet Thyagaraja, where one can witness the amazing spectacle of mass performance, in total harmony and rhythm.

Temples in Tamilnadu were the fulcrum of society and even today art forms that have their origin in religious worship continue to colour daily life. Notable among these are splendid bronzes of deities, painting on glass and Bharatanatyam, an evocative dance form.
Tamilnadu offers the traveller excellent value, particularly in accommodation. Hotel prices are generally lower than they are further north and standards are often higher.

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Bharatanatyam, Tamil Nadu Travel GuideFestivals of Tamilnadu
Tamilnadu has perhaps the largest number of religious celebrations in the year. Most of the temple-festivals take place in September-October and in the post-harvest months of March-June.

Tamilnadu Dance
Bharatanatyam is an Indian classical dance form from the state of Tamilnadu, which represents the language of rhythm and melody in different patterns of curves, angles and lateral movements.

Tamilnadu History
The history of Tamilnadu is very old and it is believed that human endeavour s to inhabit this area began as early as 300, 000 years ago. It is also suggested that the first Dravidians of Tamil country were part of the early Indus Valley .

Tamilnadu Recipe
Tamilnadu, true home of Indian vegetarianism, is the land of the delicious Pongal, Idli, Dosa, Sambar and Rasam.

Tamilnadu Transport
The length of road network in Tamilnadu is nearly 1.70 lakh kms. Private bus operators link the important cities and government buses ply the entire south.

Tamilnadu Bird sanctury
Kunthakulam bird sanctuary is situated 33-km south of Tirunelveli in Nanguneri taluk. Kunthakulam is a small and natural scenic village, which is covered with natural forests and ponds.

Tamilnadu Weather
The climate in southern India shows only slight seasonal variations. Temperatures and humidity remain relatively high all year round. Rainfall is common at any time of the year and the Monsoon Season has only marginally more precipitation than at any other time.

Tamilnadu Tourism Dev.
Tamilnadu is a tourist's paradise. A rich culture. A regal tapestry of history . A nature's bliss of blue beaches and clear skies..... a modern state.

Tamilnadu Tourist Offices
Government of India Tourist Office, 154, Anna Salai Madras 600 002 Tamilnadu , INDIA

Tamilnadu Art & Crafts (The Nattukkotai Chettiars)
Close on the heels was the art and craft of Chettinad that began to flood the antique shop. There were beautifully proportioned pillars in rare tropical woods, ornately craved doorways and doors.

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Hyderabad Travel Trip Planner

Char Minar, Hyderabad Travel HolidaysHyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh, is a city which combines both the ancient and the modern. It has the most sophisticated five star hotels, shopping malls, eating places (especially those serving the world famous Hyderabadi biryani, a dish of rice and meat) and entertainment facilities. And it is a maze of markets and tiny houses - a busy, noisy place where narrow ancient lanes meet large vehicle-choked roads. Different in the layout of buildings, the way of life of the people and the very atmosphere, these two cities exist side by side, presenting two very different images.

The buildings of present day Hyderabad are a rich mix of Medieval Indian, Saracenic, Mughal and Colonial architecture, a combination of the Hindu and Islamic influences with a hint of the erstwhile British Raj.Hyderabad is highly cosmopolitan, a cauldron of a variety of cultures, not only because of its past but also because of the influx of people from all over the country to its institutions, research and educational, and to its various industries, including many high-profile technological firms.

Hyderabad especially draws tourists to its minarets and its pearl bazaar. The gypsy tribes called the 'Lambadas' and 'Banjaras' native to the region are known for their colourful traditions, costumes and handicrafts.

There are several places to see and visit in and around the city of Hyderabad.

The Charminar - Charminar, the hub of the city, has four wide roads radiating in the four cardinal directions. The four minarets command the landscape for miles. The structure is square, each side measuring 100 feet, with a central pointed high arch at the center. The whole edifice contains numerous small decorative arches arranged both vertically and horizontally. The prominently projected cornice on the first floor upholds a series of six arches and capitals on each façade, rising to the double-story gallery of the minarets. The projected canopy, ornamental brackets and decoration in stucco plaster add graceful elegance to the structure. On the upper courtyard, a screen of arches topped by a row of square jall or water screens lends a fragile charm to the sturdy appearance of Charminar. This courtyard was used as a school and for prayers at the mosque. The minarets, their domed finials rising from their lotus-leaves cushion, rise to 180 feet from the ground. An interesting 17th-century description of the monument comes from Thevenot: "That which is called the four towers, is a square building, of which each face is ten fathom broad and about seven high. It is opened on the four sides by four arches…".

The Mecca Masjid - Near the Charminar stands the Mecca Masjid, begun by Muhammad Qutb Shah in 1617 and completed by Quranzeb in 1693. It is a grand edifice with a huge courtyard, which can accommodate nearly ten thousand men at prayer. Tavernier has provided a graphic description of the mammoth boulders cut to size and carted for use in the building of the mosque. The minarets look rather stunted in comparison with the grandeur of the whole massive structure. But it looks more Mughal then Qutb Shahi in its perfect granite finish and vast courtyard. A particular stone brick in the mihrab is believed to have been brought from Mecca.

Other Mosques - The other two mosques--the Jami Masjid and the Toli Masjid-are small and modest structures. Muhammad Quli Shah built the Jami Masjid in 1592, after founding Hyderabad. Musa Khan, a supervisor of works at the Mecca Masjid, levied a damri for every rupee spent on the building of the Mecca Masjid. With these collections he built the Toli Masjid, near the Purana Pul. Two buildings, the Badshahi Ashur Khana and Darul Shifa-built in 1594-are much dilapidated and in need of large scale repair.

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Mecca Mosque, Hyderbad Tours & TravelsOther Sites Of Interest in Hyderabad
The Nizams did not build any great mosques or palaces. The last Nizam built the Falakuma palace, which housed the most expensive art objects, tapestries and carpets, in addition to the largest single-man collection of diamonds. Here the Nizam had received their Majesties, the late King George V and King Edward VIII of England. The Chowmukha palace, built after the Shah palace of Teheran, is closed to visitors. The Regency Mansion, built in 1803 by James Kirkpatrick, married a Hyderabadi girl and built for her Rang Mahal, a suite of rooms in the native style.

Of much interest to visitors is the Husain Sagar Lake, a large artificial lake lying between Hyderabad and Secunderaad. It was built by Ibrahim Qutb Shah around 1550, in gratitude to Husain Shah Wali, who had cured him of a disease. A tourist spot affording lovely views of the city is the Naubat Pahad, a hilltop crowned by the Birla temple. In old days royal firmans (announcements) were read to the people to the beat of drums. The Bagh-I-Aam stretches below this hillock where stands the State Legislative Assembly building. Among the newer additions to Hyderabad's grand buildings are the Osmani University, the high court and the Osmania General Hospital.

The city straddles the Musi River, which, in 1908, had caused much destruction by flooding the city. Under the supervision of India's greatest engineer Sir M.Vishweshvarayya, two large reservoirs, Osman Sagar and Himayat Sagar were constructed to save the city from devastation by floods in the future. If there is some time left, a visit to the Nehru Zoological Park is recommended for a short lion safari and observing the wild beasts moving about freely in their expansive compounds. The crocodile hatchery is very informative for the young and the curious. One of the most visited places in the city is the Salar Jung museum.

Weekend Trips/Excursions
Golconda has been known as famous center for diamonds, and the diamond mines boast of some of the most renowned diamonds in the world. The Kohinoor originally belonged to Golconda as did the Darya-I-Noor, the Orloff, the Pitt, and the great table of the Nizam.

Warangal is situated 157 km north-east of Hyderabad. It is famous for its thousand pillar temple-a specimen of the Chalukya architecture. The fort was built by the Kakatiyas, who ruled between 12th and 14th centuries. Ruins of the mud-brick fort survive in certain portions. Kakatiyas held Golconda prior to the advent of the Qutb Shahi's and their original mud fort atop the Golconda hill was replaced with stone fortifications. The great temple at Harnamkonda was built on the slopes of the hill in 1163 by Rudra Deva. It carries some exquisitely carved pillars. The monolithic Nandi sits on guard at the entrance which also has rock cut statues of elephants on either side. The Warangal fort was conquered by Muhammad Tughlaq in the 14th century suffering much destruction. The freestanding gateway in the Buddhist tornan style is the most magnificent structure of its kind.

110 km northwest of Hyderabad lies Bidar, former capital of the Bahamani, and later on Barid Shahi dynasty. Ultimately it was annexed by Aurangzeb and subsequently the Nizams took over Bidar. It has a vast range of palaces mosques baths, schools and tombs within a strong fortified area. The tombs at Ashtur and Gawan's Madarsa have strong architectural splendor. If one has some time to spare he/she shouldn't miss nearby Gulbarga, the Bhamani capital, famous for its beautiful mosques and fort.
Qutabshahi Mosque, Hyderbad Holidays
Nagarjunakonda, lying southeast of Hyderabad, has had been under strong Buddhist influence. The Satvahanas built a grand stupa at Amravati, embellished with most sumptuous sculptures. Later on, the Ikshvakus dominated the region around ad 235 their capital was Vijaipuri, a university town. With the decline of lkshvakus, Vijaipuri fell into neglect. The Reddy kings in the 14th century fortified the commanding hill of Nagarjunakonda, perpetuating the memory and teachings of Buddhist teacher Nagarjuna. Before work on the Nagarjunasagar Dam project began, archaeologists performed the miraculous task of transporting stone the excavated ruins of Vijaipuri to the top of Nagajunakonda hill and setting them up in their exact position. Remains of sculpture, monasteries, amphitheatre, and streets found a new safer home permanently relieved of the fear of inundation. A huge statue of Buddha dominates the crest of Nagarjunakonda. It is the old forgotten Vijaipuri of the lkshvakus, which has been resurrected on the hill.

Events And Festivals

Ganesh Chaturthi (late August-early September), is an important festival of Hyderabad.
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